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DeWild Exteriors specializes in siding installationSiding provides an aesthetic element to your home, both in style and color. But more importantly, siding protects your home from moisture, biological elements like dust and mold, insects, and more. When these things get beneath your siding, the result can be serious damage to your home and/or health hazards associated with mold, dust, and pollen. In the Midwest, many older homes were built with Masonite, or “hardboard” siding, made of wood products and a binder consisting of glues, resins, and/or waxes to bind the wood together. Masonite siding was the material of choice back in the day primarily because of its high bending strength, tensile strength, stability, and its visual similarity to real lumber.

However, Masonite can develop significant problems over time. For one, it naturally loses its color and can begin to look worn after only five years. In that same span, such siding begins to expand slightly causing the area around the nail heads to become damaged, which allows moisture to infiltrate the board’s surface, causing further expansion, developing cracks in the wood and chips in the painted surface. Because of the wood-based nature of Masonite siding, it susceptible to insect attacks, rot, peeling, cracking, and fire. It actually can begin to naturally absorb water, which leads to irremovable mildew, indoor leaks, cracked exterior paint, and damaged nails. Many communities have filed class action lawsuits against the manufacturers of hardboard siding.

Everlast siding houseIf your home has Masonite siding,  or any other failing siding product, call DeWild Exteriors today. We’ll come out for a free consultation and discuss whether it makes sense to repair damaged areas or to completely replace. We have great relationships with high-end siding materials companies and are Master Installers on CertainTeed and Everlast siding products. We specialize in installing the following siding materials:

Most of these products come with a lifetime warranty to offer you peace of mind. Siding your home is a great investment. We can help you choose the right siding for your house and your budget.

One of the perks of having new siding installed is giving your home a new look, and new character. Vinyl siding and fiber-cement siding both come in a variety of colors and styles. And once it is installed, you don’t have to do anything to it ever again, besides a simple wash here and there. The high-quality materials and coatings used in today’s vinyl siding and fiber-cement siding prevent colors from fading. Thus, new siding can transform an older run-down house into a newer, beautiful-looking home in just a day or two.

As with most construction, you want to hire a skilled siding contractor. Installing siding properly is a craft that takes years of experience. DeWild Exteriors has the best crew in the business.

Call DeWild Exteriors today to discuss your siding today. You pick the style and color, and we take care of the rest!

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